Leggings Are Not Pants, Or Are They?

I have a problem.

I once declared “leggings are NOT pants!” I refused to believe that this leggings as pants fad would last. I wanted to start leggingsarenotpants.com but it was taken. By a documentary filmmaker. No joke.

I told everyone I knew that leggings as pants was a horrible idea and it should be stopped.

Now, a short two years later, leggings are no longer just fad and all I want to do is wear leggings as pants! OK, not as pants pants but when I’m not at work, the first thing I want to put on my “riding pants.” They are from Forever 21 and the tag said “riding pants” but they are leggings.

I’m not entirely proud of this.

That’s my first problem.

The second?

My “riding pants” have seen better days and I fear I will never find the perfect pants leggings to replace them.


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