Dumps From a Truck

Working in Times Square doesn’t give one many enjoyable lunch options. It has your usual suspects: Hale & Hearty, Chop’t, Pax, and Pret a Manger. And, of course, your office cafeteria if you are so lucky.

I bring my own lunch (and breakfast and snacks) almost everyday. With the except of most Fridays. Friday were for trekking a few blocks uptown to the Rickshaw Dumpling truck. Until the NYPD continued to kick the truck out of it’s parking spot. Just another day in the Great New York Food Truck War.

After weeks without  yummy steamed dumplings you can imagine my surprise when I spotted the Rickshaw Kiosk in the middle of Times Square. Literally in the middle of Broadway between 42nd and 43rd streets. Seconds from my office.

True story: I was their first customer at the kiosk. At least that’s what they told me.

Keeping with tradition, every Friday I treat myself to dumplings and a salad from Rickshaw. The vegetarian edamame dumplings are my go-to but the chicken & thai basil are a close second choice.

Rickshaw is great stop if you find yourself in hungry in Times Square. Rickshaw Dumpling Bar also has locations on Lexington (at 45th Street) and in Flatiron. You can also follow them on twitter to find out where the dumpling truck is stationed every day.


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