Book Review: The Marriage Plot

First we meet Madeleine, an Austen-obsessed English major writing her thesis about the marriage plot found in english novels. At the beginning of The Marriage Plot, she is waking up the morning of her college gradation with a raging hangover and is late to meet her parents for breakfast. At breakfast we meet Mitchell, an old “friend” of Madeleine’s, who is sorely in love with her and believes they are soul mates despite the fact they are not on speaking terms. Later we meet Leonard, the brilliant but troubled guy Madeleine has dated during her senior year. The novel follows the love triangle throughout their first year out of college while also providing a look into the history of their college days.

As I was reading The Marriage Plot I constantly went back on forth as to whether or not I liked each of the three main characters. Some of their actions I applauded, others I did not. But regardless of if I liked them or not, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Madeleine, Mitchell and Leonard are very well-developed and you can’t help but want to find out what happens to them. This wasn’t a favorite of mine but I did enjoy it and would recommend it if you are looking for an interesting read.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Marriage Plot

  1. I really loved this book but had a very similar reception of the characters. I didn’t find any of them particularly endearing though I also never found them or their conflict(s) boring.

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