Darien Social

On Saturday, Ben and I ventured away from our normal Saturday routine of lounging at home to grab lunch at Darien’s newest spot, Darien Social. The gastro pub features craft brews and menu items for every mood; including pizza, burgers, and local cheeses.

When we arrived shortly after 1pm, a woman on her way out told us, “it’s worth the wait!” Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait at all.

Bread and butter served in a planter.

We contemplated the menu for some time. Everything sounded so good and looked so good, I can’t help but peak at other tables. we decided a good gastro pub is only as good as it’s burgers, so that’s what we ordered.

But first, we decided to start with the Kettle Chips, bbq potato chips with crumbled blue cheese. They were a little too spicy for my taste, lots of pepper on those guys. The blue cheese helped to cut the spiciness. Almost immediately after our appetizer arrived, our burgers were ready. I would have liked just a little more time enjoying the chips.

Ben, per usual, ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger. He was a very happy camper.

I went for the Shroom Burger, with foraged mushrooms, beltane goat cheese, and truffle. Anything with goat cheee and truffle, I order. Done and done. The goat cheese was tucked away under the burger and it was just perfect.

We were stuffed by the end of our meal but we were already planning our next visit. Ben wants to try a pizza and I have my eye on the short ribs…and the mac and cheese…and the swedish meatballs.

As if we weren’t sold on the place, our check (which arrived in a mason jar) came with two mini peach italian ices. Ben isn’t one for sweets, but I devoured these guys.

If you are looking for a good, and not to mention local (when possible), meal Darien Social is a great local spot. And according to our server, it’s pretty happening on weeknights. I bet the location, right across for the Darien train station, helps that quiet a bit.



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