Punch Today In The Face

Work and life have been crazy busy lately that I feel like I’m punching every day in the face. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way but hey, that’s life.

I promise to be back with regularly scheduled posting soon!



(Image via my Instagram, download “Punch Today in the Face” here)


DIY Art: Je T’aime

During our trip to Montreal last summer, Ben and I began replacing “I love you” with “Je t’aime.” Ever since, we’ve been saying “Je t’aime” to one another.

We’ve been working on decorating the apartment and because of this new tradition, I’ve been looking for the perfect “Je t’aime” print for our walls. I found a few I liked, but nothing I just loved. These two, however, were favorites:

(click images for sources)

Over the weekend, I was itching to hang up a few frames. I still didn’t have the right print and even if I found one, I would have had to order it and wait for it to be delivered. So, instead, I DIY-ed it. A piece of white printer paper, a black marker, red construction paper, scissors and I was in business. My very own, original Je T’aime print: