Friday Things

Oh hello, February!

While everyone is gearing up for the Superbowl this weekend, I’m gearing up for a relaxing weekend of getting sh*t done. The apartment is a mess, we are nearly out of food, and I have a lot of DVR to catch up on. Oh, and baking. There will be baking. If you find yourself relaxing and needing something to read, do, or look at, here are a few things I stumbled upon and loved this week…

…beautiful red table design from Martha Stewart Weddings.

…the countdown to Girl Scout Cookies is on. I don’t know any Girl Scouts personally but I downloaded the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App and in 3o days I’ll know just exactly where I can get me some Thin Mints.

…I’m feeling springy, are you? Essie’s Spring 2012 colors will make you feel even more so!

…sick of the same old chicken dinner? Try some of Mark Bittman’s Simple Chicken Recipes.

…with a goal of reading 75 books this year, Matchbook Mag’s 50 Classic Matchbook Girl Novels is helping me make my list.


Friday Things

Another week gone by and now another weekend (finally!). Even though I had MLK Day off, this week felt long. This weekend we’ll be looking at even more wedding venues and enjoying the snow that’s headed our way. Here are a few things I stumbled upon this week…

…some inspiration for a newspaper themed wedding here. (also pictured above)

…how do I choose between making the “World’s Best Mac & Cheese” or “Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese“?

…currently reading Rules of Civility. Only a handful of chapters in but I’m already hooked to the story and the characters.

…I don’t really need a new bag but that doesn’t mean I don’t really want this DVF.

Friday Things

(image via Style Me Pretty)


Happy (almost) New Year’s Eve!

Work has been extremely slow this week, like excruciatingly slow. Because it’s been slow, I’ve had the time to read and look at everything on the internet. Yes, everything. A few things I stumbled upon and loved this week…

…a beautiful wine + cheese party by Camille Styles.

…the bag-o-black leggings from Emerson Made. I’m pretty sure I need these.

this post from Thought Catalog about the huge moment “girls” are having right now.

…a new year’s inspired photo shoot via Style Me Pretty.

Friday Things







How is it December already?

A short work week that felt so very long is almost over. Who is ready for the weekend? Fridays can be a little slow, especially this time of year, so here are a few things I’ve been loving this week…

…a wine and champagne bowl would be perfect for my upcoming holiday party!

…although I have approximately 20 pairs of jeans, I could use another. So, I’ll be donating a pair in the Madewell Denim Drive. If you donate, Madewell will give you 20% off a new pair after the new year.

…read this piece from The Atlantic called The Glory of Oprah and learn more about why women connect so well with her.

…every single recipe from How Sweet It Is is to die for! Especially this one.

…Sophia Grace and Rosie, a.k.a. the Super Bass girls, are the most adorable tiny humans I’ve ever seen. Watch them go on a shopping spree at Toys ‘R Us here.

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