Sweet Treat: Peanut Butter Heart Cookies

I spotted these cookies on Pinterest using a Betty Crocker cookie mix. But using a baking mix is not how I like to roll.

(Unless it’s Funfetti, I’m always down for Funfetti.)

Taking a peanut butter cookie recipe from The Kitchn and replacing the espresso truffle blossoms with heart-shaped chocolates, I made these delicious treats…

Find the recipe here. It resulted in a about a dozen and a half cookies for me. I made them a little bigger because of the size of the chocolate hearts. I also used regular sugar to coat the cookies, not the sugars suggested in the recipe.


XOXO, Valentine’s Day Card Round Up

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! It might just a Hallmark Holiday but what’s so terrible about a day dedicated to telling the people you love that you love them?

In grade school, we all made cards for the entire class but I’ve gotten away from that, only giving my now husband-to-be a card. This year, I’m switching it up, I’m going to send cards to also give cards to my family. I tell them I love them often but sometimes it’s nice to see it written down. Not to mention, it’s so fun to get snail mail that isn’t a bill or credit card offer.

I’ll probably just run to Target or the Hallmark store this week but here are few cards I found and loved.

(Click image to be directed to source)

Fill in the Blank from Minted


Minted You're A Hit

What A Hit from Minted


Je T'aime from tinyprints


I can't believe... from someecards

Holiday Party 2011

Before we close the book on Christmas 2011, I wanted to share our first (annual?) holiday party! Ben and I prepped, got engaged (!!!) and celebrated with our friends.

I created a playlist on Spotify, which included songs from my number one favorite holiday album, Hanson’s Snowed In.

We decided to have an Open House style party so that our friends could feel free to come and go as the please. With friends coming in from other parts of Connecticut and Manhattan we didn’t want anyone to feel pressure to get to our apartment on time. Of course, once they arrived, no one really left until pretty late. Everyone had a great time. So great that I think we’ll make it an annual event.

Our tree

On the menu:

Part of the spread

The bar


Merry Christmas, Indeed

Twelve days ago, Ben and I were getting ready for our first holiday party.

Truth be told, I was slightly hungover from my work holiday party the night before. So really, Ben was getting ready for our holiday party. He rearranged the furniture, did the last minute grocery shopping and even got me a Happy Meal. My go-to hangover cure.

Together, we did some last minute decorating before we had to run a few errands. While we were decorating, Ben informed me that he had gotten some extra decorations and that he’d give them to me after dinner.

Fast-forward to after dinner. Ben presented me with a gift-wrapped box. Inside were two Christmas stockings. Perfect, I thought, we can hang these up for the party! Inside the first stocking were two ornaments. The first was a dog. I’ve been begging to get a dog for months. The second ornament was house. Our future dog and our future house, Ben said. (cue, awwwww!)

He handed me the second stocking. Inside I felt a box. A box that I thought had a fancy, glass ornament or something. Instead I found this:

I was SO surprised! Ben and I have been together for five years so we’ve certainly discussed marriage and I knew a proposal was coming but I had no idea he was going to do it when he did it!

Looking back on the day, I should have know something was up. The next night we had our party and it was so fun to have our close friends and our new friends over to celebrate the holidays and our engagement. (I’ll post more about the party soon!)

Needless to say, the past week or so has been a whirlwind of phone calls, early stages of planning, telling everyone who asks about how he proposed. Everything was so perfect and I couldn’t be more excited to marry him!

Hump Day Treat: Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s

Do you like chocolate? Do you like peppermint? Or candy canes?

If they answer is yes, I urge to RUN, don’t walk, to the nearest Trader Joe’s store in your area and pick up a box, or five, of these:

These are heavenly. Chocolate cookies filled with peppermint creme. With real pieces of candy cane. Just look:

I have Ben to thank for sneaking a box of these into our cart during our trip to TJ’s on Friday. I’ll be going back this week to pick up some more for our Holiday Party this weekend. Because, ya know, we already ate the entire box!

Really, RUN, don’t walk to TJ’s!

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

The holidays sure snuck up on us this year, didn’t they? For no good reason, I felt very behind when we started decorating this weekend. But now, it finally feels a lot like Christmas in our apartment.

On Sunday we headed out to Maple Row Tree Farm in Easton, CT to pick out and cut down our very own tree. It took us about 45-minutes but we found the perfect tree. Ben sawed it down himself and we tied it to the car. It’s a miracle that we did not try to kill one another during this process.

Our tree is a little fatter than we had planned for but I think it looks wonderful. We are slowly building up our collection of ornaments. Every year my Granny gives me one or two for Christmas. Last year my Mom passed down some of my personalized ones from growing up. Ben and I try to pick out an ornament from our travels. The nutcracker below is from our trip to Montreal this past summer.

(nutcracker ornament from Montreal trip, our chubby tree!)

(our tree again, fragrant Christmas wreath, our small but lovely Christmas Village collection)