Yellow Desk DIY

For months, my mom’s childhood desk had been sitting in my Grandma’s house waiting for me to pick it up and give it a new home…and a new look.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally picked it up prepared myself for my first furniture DIY. Unless you count building IKEA furniture as DIY, because I have done a whole lot of that. I’m practically the queen of that.

Before my trip to Home Depot, I read through Young House Love’s How To Paint Furniture post approximately 100 times. I did not want to eff this up. If you are doing any type of DIY, I highly recommend checking out Young House Love for inspiration and straight-forward How-Tos. I followed their directions (almost) to a T (tee?).

As a renter with little DIY experience, Home Depot is quiet an adventure. But after spending about 20 minutes picking out the perfect yellow, I picked up the other supplies and was ready to go. I won’t waste your time with how I did, just click the link to Young House Love.

So, without further ado, the desk…

All of the painting supplies were less than $30. I splurged on the knobs from Anthropologie for a total of $48. Not too bad for a “new to me” desk, right?


DIY Art: Je T’aime

During our trip to Montreal last summer, Ben and I began replacing “I love you” with “Je t’aime.” Ever since, we’ve been saying “Je t’aime” to one another.

We’ve been working on decorating the apartment and because of this new tradition, I’ve been looking for the perfect “Je t’aime” print for our walls. I found a few I liked, but nothing I just loved. These two, however, were favorites:

(click images for sources)

Over the weekend, I was itching to hang up a few frames. I still didn’t have the right print and even if I found one, I would have had to order it and wait for it to be delivered. So, instead, I DIY-ed it. A piece of white printer paper, a black marker, red construction paper, scissors and I was in business. My very own, original Je T’aime print:

Holiday Party 2011

Before we close the book on Christmas 2011, I wanted to share our first (annual?) holiday party! Ben and I prepped, got engaged (!!!) and celebrated with our friends.

I created a playlist on Spotify, which included songs from my number one favorite holiday album, Hanson’s Snowed In.

We decided to have an Open House style party so that our friends could feel free to come and go as the please. With friends coming in from other parts of Connecticut and Manhattan we didn’t want anyone to feel pressure to get to our apartment on time. Of course, once they arrived, no one really left until pretty late. Everyone had a great time. So great that I think we’ll make it an annual event.

Our tree

On the menu:

Part of the spread

The bar


It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

The holidays sure snuck up on us this year, didn’t they? For no good reason, I felt very behind when we started decorating this weekend. But now, it finally feels a lot like Christmas in our apartment.

On Sunday we headed out to Maple Row Tree Farm in Easton, CT to pick out and cut down our very own tree. It took us about 45-minutes but we found the perfect tree. Ben sawed it down himself and we tied it to the car. It’s a miracle that we did not try to kill one another during this process.

Our tree is a little fatter than we had planned for but I think it looks wonderful. We are slowly building up our collection of ornaments. Every year my Granny gives me one or two for Christmas. Last year my Mom passed down some of my personalized ones from growing up. Ben and I try to pick out an ornament from our travels. The nutcracker below is from our trip to Montreal this past summer.

(nutcracker ornament from Montreal trip, our chubby tree!)

(our tree again, fragrant Christmas wreath, our small but lovely Christmas Village collection)


DIY Fail?

I’ve told you that I love chevron. I also love a good DIY project.

And by love I mean I like looking a before and after pictures of other people’s projects. However, I’ve been trying to become a little more DIY savvy and a few weeks ago, I attempted to create some chevron wall art for our apartment.

This is what I was trying to make (in blue and yellow):


This is what I ended up with:

The DIY project was impossible. The painters tape wouldn’t stick, the pattern was uneven (my fault), and I became frustrated rather quickly.

So I just painted the canvas. It was very therapeutic.

What you can’t see in my high-quality iPhone photo is that the canvases do have a nice texture and the colors are lighter or darker in some spots. I completely failed at what I intended my first DIY project to be but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.