Quick Dry Nails

I have an obsession. A nail polish obsession.

It all started when I was unemployed and looking for a job. My nails needed to look good and groomed but my unemployment check didn’t allow for a weekly manicure. Once terrible at doing my own nails, I quickly improved and as soon as I nailed a full-time job, my polish collection grew.

These days, I’m giving myself a manicure about twice a week and the only time I have to do it is close to bedtime. After weeks of waking up with sheet creases on what I thought were fully dry nails, it was time to invest in a more effective drying method.

Sally Hansen Dry Kwik was the perfect solution. When you are done with your manicure, top coat and all, let it dry on it’s own for one to two minutes. Then apply Dry Kwik. I wouldn’t recommend doing something that might smudge your nails RIGHT away but you certainly can a few minutes faster with this stuff. And no more sheet creases for me!


Life Saver

There are few things at which I am better than dropping a make-up compact and watching it shatter on the bathroom floor.

Seriously, I’m so good at it that I do it at least twice a week.

As I was putting my face on recently, I brushed the compact a little too hard, watched it slowly fall out of my hand, bounce off the counter, hit the ground and shatter EVERYWHERE.

Whomp whomp.

Or so I thought.

I salvaged as much as I could in the compact and left it to deal with until later. During my lunch break, I popped into Sephora with the intention of purchasing new bronzer. Instead I discovered this life saver:

Just pop your broken make-up in here and voila: broken bronzer, saved.