Tuesday Tunes: Super Bass (Acoustic Cover)

I love a good musical cover. One of the many reasons I still watch Glee.

I also love Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass more than the average person. I’m still waiting for the right moment to break it out at karaoke.

So this acoustic cover it’s just too much for me to handle. Makes me wish I could sing. And play the guitar.


Tuesday Tunes: Heart Skips a Beat

Sometimes you need a feel good song to walk down the street to. One that makes you want to skip across 42nd Street on your way to work like you’re in a musical.

I really wish life was a musical. And that I could sing like a Broadway star. Or at least am American Idol finalist.

Anyway, Lenka’s Heart Skips a Beat is putting a little skip in my step this week. Maybe it’ll put some in yours too!

How cute is this video?

Tuesday Tunes: Get Me Bodied

Yesterday, my workout nearly killed me. Ok, not really but it was TOUGH.

My New Year’s resolution to work out┬ámore prompted me to download the Nike Training Club app on my iPhone. Let me tell you, this app is legit. Dozens of workouts, including a timer and how-to videos. You can play your own playlists and a voice will prompt you over the music. Oh and it’s free!

I’m getting off track. I was ready to give up, doing my second set of modified push ups, when Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” came up on my workout playlist. With Beyonce telling singing “drop down low and sweep the floor with it,” I had no choice but to push myself through the second half of the 30-minute workout.

Tuesday Tunes: We Found Love

In between a nearly endless loop of holiday tunes I’ve been rocking out to Rihanna’s latest. I even put it on my gym playlist. Whether or not I’ve actually gone to the gym…well, that is another story.


Don’t you think Rihanna’s boyfriend in the video is prettier than she is? If that’s even possible.