BHLDN, Chicago

If you are engaged, a bridesmaid or just wedding and event obsessed, Anthropologie’s bridal store BHLDN is just simply heaven.

"chandelier" at BHLDN

I spent last weekend visiting my amazing friend Alex for her birthday and she was kind enough to let me sneak in some wedding dress shopping at the newest BHLDN store in Chicago. Ok, she wasn’t “kind enough,” she was absolutely elated to be going wedding dress shopping with me, she is a bridesmaid after all.

BHLDN is exactly what you’d expect from an Anthropologie owned bridal store. Two levels of unique dresses (for both brides and bridesmaids), highly curated decor and a-mah-zing dressing rooms.

BHLDN - Dresses

This was my first wedding dress shopping trip and it really could not have been better. I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect or what I was supposed to do but my bridal stylist, Mindi, was amazing. She made both Alex and I feel at ease right away. Probably had something to do with the sparkling wine and macaroons.

Bubbly & Macaroons

The wedding dresses at BHLDN are definitely very unique and most of them fit a very certain bride, theme or venue. I did find one that I loved and will possibly revisit at some point.

And one last thing to know: BHLDN stylists do not work on commission but if you do visit either of their stores (Houston or Chicago) and later want to order a dress, call the store to order. As Mindi pointed out, if everyone ordered online they wouldn’t need stores. And if there weren’t stores like this, well I’d just be sad.


Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I’m so excited that I can finally share how I “proposed” to my bridesmaids with you.

Ben and I got engaged in December, set a date in January but I hadn’t asked my bridesmaid to be a part of my wedding until last week. I didn’t mean to put it off for so long, it just took me a while to pull it all together.

My plan was to give each girl a pretty frame with a photo of the two of us and a cute card, a love note almost, asking them to be a bridesmaid.

I scoured Home Goods for simple silver frames. While there were many cute ones of different shapes, sizes and colors, I wanted to give them something simple enough that they’d actually use them and be able to display almost anywhere.

Then I spent a lot of time on Etsy, looking for a great card. I debated between a few but finally settled on one from Wiley Valentine’s shop. This was second ever Etsy purchase and it was a breeze. They created a custom order for me and the cards were in my hands in three days.

Photos were ordered, wrapping paper purchased (from Target) and my little gifts were ready to go. The final product(s):

the cards

the wrapping

the frames

Some were shipped out, some were “proposed” to in person. A few phone calls and hugs later, my bridal party was ready to go. Now, onto absolutely everything else on my the wedding to do list…