Class of 2012

Me & Kerry – 1993(ish)

This weekend, my not so little sister will be graduating from college. Next weekend, she will be turning 22. I’m so incredibly proud of her. And I’m so excited for her to embark on her own adventure into the “real world.” I wouldn’t be an older sister if I didn’t dole out some advice to her. So, Kerry, a few things to remember now that you’re a grown-up:

  1. Take a break! Enjoy the time you have before you start working or go back to school. It could be the last big break you get. (I know, it’s depressing)
  2. Be honest. Whether you screw up at work or in life, own up to your mistakes and just do better next time.
  3. Be nice. To your boss, your coworkers, the bartender, your neighbors, the cab driver who drops you off right in front of your door at 2 a.m., to everyone even if they don’t always deserve it.
  4. Be careful. It’s pretty awesome to be on your own but remember that in some cases you really are on your own and not in the comfort of your college campus. Look out for yourself.
  5. Work hard. But don’t forget to have a life. It’s easy to get caught up in your work and career and let it take over.
  6. You don’t have to figure it all out right now. I can promise you that you’ll have a quarter-life crisis at least a dozen times in the next five years. It’s totally normal.
  7. Save a little money. Even if it’s just $20 a month into your savings account. And keep a “secret $50” in your wallet for emergencies.
  8. It’s OK to spend an entire weekend in your house, apartment, bedroom or wherever catching up on your DVR.
  9. Sometimes it will feel like college really was the best time of your life (and don’t get me wrong, it’s great) but being a grown-up, as overwhelming and scary as it can be, it pretty freaking awesome.
  10. Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you can steal my clothes.

Love you, Kerry!

All grown up.